The VISION of KCC is to serve our communities with a focus on connecting families through community engagement. 


Sandra Bryant

Founder, President & CEO

Sandra serves as the CEO/President of Keeping Communities Connected (KCC), which was founded in 2011. Realizing the need for information to be disseminated across the district and to keep parents and guardians involved, KCC was formed. She oversees KCC social media platform, mentoring services, scholarship program and counseling for the organization. 


LaVonia Horne-Williams

Vice President

LaVonia Horne-Williams serves as the Director of Procurement and Contracting for Workforce Solutions Alamo (WSA). The WSA Board serves as the governing board for the regional workforce system, a network of service providers and contractors that bring people and jobs together. WSA represents the taxpayers of the 13-county Alamo region.


Holly Raymond


Holly is an Austin native who earned her bachelors and masters in professional accountancy from the University of Texas at Austin in 2001. She has twenty years of accounting experience in nonprofit strategy, finance and operations advisement and currently serves as the Senior Vice President of Finance & Support Services for Upbring, a nonprofit organization working to break the cycle of child abuse. Their $90M budget and 1000 staff members provide social services such as foster care, adoption, residential treatment centers, and education across the state of Texas. 

Secretary (Open)

This position is open to apply for.


Lakettra Priestly


LaKettra Priestly is a licensed clinical social worker, owner, and operator of Hope Family Guidance PLLC. Hope Family Guidance PLLC is an individual therapy practice providing psychotherapy and case management services to individuals and families. LaKettra founded the practice on the social work premise of meeting individuals where they are and supporting them in making life changes to improve their overall mental health and well being.