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Mentorship is a commitment. Mentorship supports to build self-confidence. Mentorship requires an individual who is trustworthy and can connect to other by listening, provide guidance, goal settings, and be a positive role model.

To become a mentor, the following criteria must be met:

  • Sign a “Commitment Letter” for 6–12 months

  • Criminal Background check

  • Attend 1 training

  • Connect at least 30 minutes a week or an 1 hour a month (can be text, phone or visit at school/park/outside activity)

  • Fill out a compatibility form below, so that you can be matched up with the right person

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BY-KCC-FREE-Technology-Mentorship-May2023-v3 (1).png

Step into the world of cutting-edge technology with our Technology Mentorship Program! Discover the realms of computer operating systems and programming languages. Dive into Cloud Computing Apps and Internet Networking, mastering the tools that power the digital age. Unleash your creativity as you build dynamic websites, innovative apps, and robotic processes for the modern web. With an initial orientation and peer learning opportunities, this program is your gateway to a future filled with boundless possibilities. Embrace the world of technology and embark on a journey of innovation and growth!



PLEASE NOTE: Background check must be done prior to becoming a mentor.

Thanks for submitting!

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